National Director


1.      The National Director (“ND”) is accountable to the trustees of Diverse Church, which is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (no. 1179441) (“DC”).  The duties of the ND are to further the objects of DC (see “About Diverse Church” below).

2.      The National Director’s duties will involve: -

a.    Establishing in April each year an online community of individuals (aged 30 and under) – “community members” who have expressed an interest in Diverse Church, and supervising the joining process both at the outset and throughout the year.  This will involve convening and managing the membership of, a ‘closed’ online message group (currently Facebook);

b.    Ongoing identification of individuals who have current or previous involvement with Diverse Church who would be appropriate regional hub leaders to support the community members;

c.    The provision of pastoral support for hub leaders and for community members;

d.   Stimulating cohesion, Christian fellowship and discussion of LGBT+ issues amongst community members, including through the organisation of online chat events involving various relevant experts.

e.    Organising face-to-face events including annual leadership training for the hub leaders, and biannual away days for community members;

f.     Organising profile-raising, publicity, and curating the content of the Diverse Church website

g.    Liaising with the trustees with respect to the appropriate response to any media enquiries;

h.    Identifying and allocating the charity’s very limited financial resources as appropriate, with the oversight of the trustees;

i.      Ensuring Diverse Church’s privacy and safeguarding procedures are respected, and documenting that they have been;

j.      Providing some co-ordination, support (and perhaps brief training) to assist in the establishment of alumni groups each year for that annual cohort of community members;

k.    Identifying opportunities for the furthering of Diverse Church’s objectives, or possibly the raising of funds, and liaising with the trustees as to the same.

l.      Reporting to the trustees as to any updates, progress, and issues requiring strategic decisions.

3.      The successful candidate will need: -

a.       An active Christian faith;

b.      Maturity and charisma;

c.       Experience of Christian Leadership, particularly with younger people (under 30s);

d.      Good interpersonal and pastoral skills, in order to provide resolution to any problems;

e.       A collaborative, creative and organic approach to leadership;

f.       Familiarity with appropriate social media and information technology;

g.      An ability to respect privacy and confidentiality;

h.      A firm belief in the importance of LGBT+ inclusion;

i.        The conviction and motivation to pursue Diverse Church’s objects with an independence and vision.

4.      It is anticipated that the time commitment for this voluntary position will be between 5 – 7 hours per week on average, it being anticipated that the greater time commitment would be in the first 3 – 4 months, with the need for occasional spurts (e.g. on away days) thereafter.  Candidates will need to be available for trustee meetings (c. every 2 months) on a weekday evening.

5.      Given the nature of the role, the exact times of when the work is required are contingent upon the needs of the community members and the hub leaders, and therefore the successful candidate will need to be flexible with their availability, including making themselves available in evenings or at weekends.  It is anticipated that this role can be carried out whilst the candidate is working in another paid role.

6.      The trustees are hopeful that candidates will be able to commit for a period of 3 to 5 years, with the possibility of the position being renewed thereafter, subject to satisfactory performance.

Diverse Church

10 February 2019