Diverse Church DNA

So, what do we stand for? Below you can see the philosophies and ideas which shape the day to day running of Diverse Church. It's there in our genes!

"Diverse Church exists to be a pastoral and mission resource

 for the wider church so that LGBT+ Christians

do not feel the need to give up on life or God."


1. We are CHRISTIAN and our faith is the most important identifier of who we are. In common with all christian denominations, our definition of christian belief is found in the Apostles and Niceen Creeds. DC is evangelical in foundation by which we mean we are committed to the universal call to personal relationship with God and devotion to the Scriptures where we learn how to follow Christ. However, DC welcomes all LGBT+ christians to help form this community. We focus on being a home for those in parts of the church without other support but we welcome those of all Christian traditions (Catholic, Pentecostal, Liberal, Charismatic, Evangelical, Christians who don't have a clue what those labels mean) to do this.

2. We PRIORITISE THE VULNERABLE in any given situation, particularly those in conservative churches without other forms of support. For example, we only let those who are members of DC and have agreed confidentiality to come to DC events so that those who would not feel able to come without this can feel safe. All members of DC groups are asked to keep confidential who else is in the group and the exact content of what is said. Nothing you write in DC will appear outside of the group. This means that you don't have to Come Out beyond this group to be part of a DC group. 

3. We believe in COMMUNITY. Rather than promoting the voices of celebrities we aim is to promote the voices of those who are not being heard. Each member of DC joins knowing that this means they are committing to serve the others in the DC community and (with our support) their local church. DC aims to be a form a family culture, each part of DC is formally and relationally linked to the others. We see our members as christian siblings rather than clients or service users. Where DC members are in need of professional services we encourage them to find local, professional support and we aim to continue to support them as Christian family while they do this. We encourage all our members to be part of regional and topic based smaller groups so that closer friendships can be built. DC has a commitment to celebration of people of all races, genders, orientations, abilities and church traditions. Our members commit to an openness to learning and growth towards becoming the unified body of Christ where every member flourishes as the glorious creation of God that they are.

4. We believe we are a GIFT to the church and the wider world - If any people group is cut out of the church or silenced within it then the whole church has less opportunity to engage with the fullness of God. We enable our members to seek ways to serve their local and national church. We also build opportunities to share our faith with those in the secular LGBT+ community who would like to understand or explore the Christian faith for themselves.

5. We believe in JOY - While we have time for tears and support we also make time, a lot of time, to have fun together... For us fun and celebration are prophetic statements of both God's rejoicing over us now but also of the hope of the new world that God is creating and will create.

6. We believe in STORYTELLING. From the way that God chose to reveal himself to us down the ages in the bible to the way that most of us would share our faith, telling stories should be important to all christians. Our stories need to be heard partly because the stories of LGBT people are often silenced. Storytelling moves discussion away from an argument between two armies and brings a generous spaciousness with the possibility of creativity and construction. 

7. We are PASTORAL - Diverse Church seeks to enable all LGBT people not to feel they have to give up on God or life. We welcome all LGBT people in the UK and Ireland to join DC whatever their views are on ethics and to grow in our understanding of what it means to follow Christ together.