diverse church parents

We run a similar group for UK and Ireland Christian parents of LGBT people working with our sister organisation Two23.  DCP  has a confidential Facebook group (that is invisible to the outside and each member agrees to keep confidential) and they meet in DCP:Hubs to pray for each other and build friendships. It has been a life line for many who have not found support as they try to love and pray for their LGBT children. We welcome parents whether you are fully supportive of your LGBT child, you disagree with them but still love them deeply, whether you are on a journey of discovery or if aren't sure what to think. There are currently 60+ Diverse Church Parents and always a warm welcome!

We connect online and we meet up in local Hubs for a drink or a meal together every month or two.

Our DCP:London Hub joins with Two23 and participate in their meetings throughout the year in London. We also have DCP:Hubs elsewhere throughout the UK... probably one in driving distance of you!

If you are a Christian parent of an LGBT person and you live  in the UK- please contact us on: parents@diversechurch.co.uk.  

'We really are a very friendly and welcoming bunch!'