The story of diverse church

It may suprise you to discover that Diverse Church hasn't always existed. In fact, we're relatively new. So here is our story - of how we came to be, and what we've been doing since.

Diverse Church was conceived when Reverend Sally Hitchiner – an Anglican priest in West London – reached out to the LGBT society in the university where she was chaplain. They suggested their christian friends talk to her when they came out to them and she ended up with a steady stream of LGBT+ young adults travelling from all over the UK to talk to her, each of them thinking they were totally alone. Many had gone through prayer and counselling to try to make them straight but this had not worked, often resulting in depression and other mental health difficulties and even suicide attempts. Many had walked out of church feeling and felt hopeless that they would ever find a christian community where they would be welcome. So, she set up a confidential Facebook group in October 2013 and hidden away, the community began to grow. 

In March 2014 we realised that we had the potential to stop the negative cycle of self hatred before it began, by telling our stories ordinary DCers have been able to create another possibility for young LGBT people in the church. Some of the DC body could tell their stories publicly so formed our first (of many!) youtube films. Others couldn't tell their stories openly so we hunt down ways to enable them to share their testimonies too. Our main way of doing this is through handing over our twitter each Friday to a DCer (often who aren't out). DC "Came Out" with our first tweet was early in the morning on Easter Sunday - "Happy Easter!"  - DC was born!

As more and more people found out about us, we grew and grew. And our story is always growing, if you're LGBT and Christian, come be part of our next chapter!