Pray for us... 

We have a Facebook group of folk who have committed to pray for the members of Diverse Church and Diverse Church Parents. Find us at Diverse Church Friends and become our Friend!


Fund us...

If you would like to give us a little money each month you can give us a little gift or set up a standing order our account is

Diverse Church




IBAN: GB72BARC20427343849163

Fine Print: Unless otherwise announced the DC bank account will only be used to fund travel, events and publicity/media. There are 3 signatories and 2 of the 3 are needed to hand over funds. An annual summary of the accounts will be available on request from a donor starting a year from today. DC is an unincorporated organisation rather than a Charitable Organisation at this point (though this may follow). We are a Community Account similar to a scout group or many churches.