In the Closet or through the Wardrobe?

Being silently gay (or LGBT of different kinds) has long been called being ‘in the closet’. It’s a powerful image. Given the choice between living in the dark, cramped constraints of a cupboard, or out in the light and full colour of the rest of the world, who wouldn’t simply push the door and step outside, to be fully open about yourself? It’s a no-brainer. 

For many, though, it’s not quite that simple. 

There are Factors To Consider. If you have been around the block a bit (albeit in the nicest possible way), taking you beyond the normal range of Diverse Church upper age range, your relationships and persona are probably quite well established in a particular way. 

There may be serious and sensible reasons why you hesitate to emerge just now - you may still be unsure of your feelings and what they mean, and you need time to think and pray through things. You might realise that people will have questions that you aren’t yet ready to answer.  You might have friends, or your own children, who know you in quite a different way. You may fear that if you did come out people you love most in the world would be deeply hurt, and/or that your job and your family may crumble away from you. There may never be a perfect time for this sort of thing, but it may genuinely not be the right time. And then there’s God! Of course God knows everything about you, but is that the same thing as still loving you? If God does accept you, is it grudgingly or wholeheartedly? And what about people at Church? Even if God accepts and loves you, lots of your Christian friends might react differently…

… So many concerns and fears.


C.S. Lewis imagined a different kind of wardrobe in his Narnia stories. This is not one that constrains you in a small, claustrophobic confinement, but one that is the doorway to a whole world that teaches you new things about yourself and others. 

This page is a space for you. 

It is for you, particularly if you are older than the normal DC upper age of 30. 
It is here to give you somewhere to share the story of your journey so far. 

As a Christian, maybe you have been on a journey in your own understanding of yourself, and over time you have realised that your sexuality is not as simple as you once thought.

Perhaps you have known all along that you are different from other people, but thought that you couldn’t accept it and be a Christian at the same time. 

Maybe you are a leader in the Church, and, whatever your own orientation, you have come to support the idea that people can be LGBT and a Christian. 

You might be out – completely, or just to some people. 

You might be very definitely not ready to be open about your sexuality or your views on sexuality. 

You might be only just starting to work it all out. 

Sharing stories has always been important for Christians. It can give us encouragement, strength and new heart when we hear how other people manage the challenging things in their lives as they seek to follow Jesus. It can strengthen our faith in the God who loves us unconditionally, and strengthens us to live our lives more fully as wholehearted disciples. 


Perhaps as we share our stories we can be learning more about ourselves, each other and God. Our stories might help us explore things that are new to us and encourage each other to grow in our discipleship of Jesus. 

If you would like to share the story of your journey, perhaps very briefly, maybe longer, please send it to: 

(Important Note: Contributions will be moderated. They will be posted without real names or addresses to preserve anonymity, but please only share what you are happy for others to read publicly).