BOOK OVERVIEW "Unconditional"/"Torn" by Justin Lee

"Unconditional" - called "Torn" in the USA - by Justin Lee

Justin Lee is an LGBT+ activist and evangelical Christian who works towards peace-building between Christians with differing views. He set up the Gay Christian Network in the USA as a space for both traditional and progressive LGBT+ Christians, famously calling these differing views “Side A” and “Side B” so that neither are belittled.

In this book he writes about his experience growing up gay in the conservative Christian world of Southern USA. He speaks of his struggles alone in the closet and the pain of ex-gay therapy, but also of his rekindling faith and the kindness he experienced. His writing is both gentle and filled with warmth as he vulnerably offers his story. At the end he writes briefly of the insights into faith he has gained: The law begins and ends with love. 

Content Notes: Includes personal story of suicidal ideation and traumatic experience of conversion therapy.

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